Chairman Message

Shri Jawaharbhai Pethaljibhai Chavda


Chairman's Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Dr. Subhash Technical Campus, Junagadh. We realize that the teen age is the best part of one's life to dream, plan and endeavor to achieve one's desired goal. Our social philosophy is that the students are the parents' assets passed on to us for value addition. Our personal endeavors would be to play the roles of teacher, tutor, mentor, friend and counselor to nullify any short comings in the students and to discover and strengthen their abilities to become most sought after technical man power from this region. I am certain that parents and public would extend their helping hands to make the students realize that after their Mother as the very first teacher at home their college is their second institutional Mother who nourishes and moulds their technical bodies. With parental cultivation of their wards to show similar respect and love to their Mother institution, the parents and public can rest assured that all of us at Dr. Subhash Technical Campus will return the students to Society as knowledgeable, competent and confident professionals.