Huminities & Science

Huminities & Science


Department of Humanities & Science is reflected a holistic and pragmatic approach to engineering education in the modern era. Engineering graduates, when they step out in the real world, are not only required to have expertise in their respective specializations but also have to have good communication skills and an understanding as well as logical aspects in which they would operate and develop their professional personality. It is also imperative that they should have adequate managerial skills so as to cope with the recent changes in the social economic environment of business. It is the responsibility of the Department of Humanities & Science to fill the lacuna in the aforementioned areas. So that the transition of our graduates from students to responsible and mature engineers is less jarring.

The Department of Humanities & Science offers subjects like:
  • Communication Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Contributor Personality Development
  • Management
  • Environmental Science
Language Laboratory

The language laboratory enables the budding engineers to develop their communication skills and max them industry ready. It is facilitated through different language learning software and other software which can develop their interpersonal skills like: interview, GD, etc. and this can be enhanced better through software provided by Globarena.

Physics Laboratory

The laboratory of Physics provides a particular environment where students can understand the fundamental principles of physics and can apply in various fields. Physics laboratory is equipped with necessary instruments and kits. These are: Nano Material Kit, Diode characteristics Trainer, Semiconductor Energy band gap measurement Trainer, Solar Energy Trainer, Resistivity and Band Gap measurement Trainer, Laser Fiber Optic trainer, Young's Modulus Setup, Thermal Expansion Trainer, etc.